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Focusing on feedstock preservation for the AD industry

Since 1982 our parent company, Kelvin Cave Ltd., has pioneered and developed products that have been leading the way in innovative forage preservation. This led us to develop AD Feedstock Solutions as a dedicated arm of the business, focused on those in the AD industry using ensiled energy crops as a feedstock.

After all, even the most advanced AD plant with the best engineers will never reach its full potential without the correct feedstock management system in place.

Working With You

The team at AD Feedstock Solutions are all experienced professionals in the field of forage preservation and clamp management.

We can provide you with the necessary tools to get the most from your ensiled feedstock – working with you to help devise the best solutions for your needs, with advice and on-going technical support. We have the complete product range at your disposal to help enable you to gain the maximum benefit from your ensiled feedstock – improving the efficiency of your AD plant.

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Science Matters

At AD Feedstock Solutions we follow the science. All our products are independently researched – they have to add value to your business to be of value to ours.

Forage preservation is a complex subject. There are many variables. Understanding what is happening, why it is happening and what you can do to harness the most from your feedstock to increase biogas yields – this is our area of expertise and this is where we can help.

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Complete Clamp Management

With a whole range of products from forage to feed-out and comprehensive training sessions for your clamp management team – including your contractor – AD Feedstock Solutions helps you develop the best clamp management regime.

Your key to feedstock success is making sure dry matter losses are kept to a minimum. In the UK, the average silage clamp loses 25% of its dry matter, primarily lost as carbon dioxide and water. Don’t just accept these losses – with the right products, they are preventable. Minimise losses – improve production.

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