AD Industry Specialists and Energy Crop Contractors

Bringing together teams of specialists to create a Best Practice Alliance – working together to optimise biogas production.

For a biogas plant to run to its optimal capability it needs to have input from various sectors within the industry. AD Feedstock Solutions is working with these specialists to bring the best to AD plants throughout the UK.

Whether you have expertise to offer or you are looking for that expertise, this is the portal for you.


AD Industry Specialists

This section of the website is currently under development but, if you are an industry specialist – OEM, EPC contractor, AD consultant, AD investor, AD agricultural contractor, etc – and would like to know more about an exciting opportunity bringing experts in the field of biogas production together, please contact:

Kelvin Cave

Tel: 01458 252281

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Silaging Contractors

Harvesting the crop, filling the clamp and then sealing it correctly are of paramount importance to the efficacy of the finished silage. It cannot be underestimated how important the feedstock is to efficiently maximising biogas production – a poor feedstock will give poor results. At AD Feedstock Solutions we connect AD plant managers with agricultural contractors and vice versa. Alternatively, we can train your in-house teams.

Find Agricultural Contractors in your area

As a biogas business, it is important to find a contractor with the relevant expertise to be able to deal with silage making on a larger scale. The challenges faced to successfully ensile a crop become magnified by the scale of the operation.

In-House Clamp Management Training

We can work with customers’ in-house teams to train them in Best Practices in order to improve the clamp management process. Helping them understand why their role is so important to the business and how their actions have a direct impact on the profitability of the company.

Are you an agricultural contractor?

Are you an agricultural, energy crop contractor interested in joining our Approved Contractor list? If you are experienced in working on large scale silage clamps on AD plants, expand your reach, join our Best Practice Alliance.

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