An integral part of the clamp management system in order to give maximum protection to your valuable, ensiled feedstock.

ClampNet, exclusively from AD Feedstock Solutions, is a 300g/m² heavy-duty, reusable, green silage clamp top-cover which comes with a ten-year full UV stability guarantee.

As well as helping to protect silage clamps from birds and mammals, ClampNet covers help to maintain compaction after sealing the clamp and can, thereby, reduce spoilage.

Made from a finely-woven, UV-stable, high density polyethylene (HDPE), with strongly-stitched edging to prevent fraying and unravelling, Clampnet’s flexibility enables it to mould into the contours of the silage – giving it maximum contact with the top silage sheet to help maintain aerobic stability. Ideally used in conjunction with O2 Barrier.

ClampNet features reinforced loops to enable the secure attachment of gravel bags to minimise wind-lift and allowing you to focus more weight on the shoulders of the clamp.

ClampNet is available in the following sizes:

  • 35m x 10m;
  • 25m x 10m;
  • 20m x 10m;
  • 12m x 10m;
  • 12m x 15m;
  • 16m x 5m.

Gravel Bags and Belts

Use gravel bags and belts to help weigh down the O2 Barrier sheeting and ClampNet to secure the clamp and help prevent air ingress.

AD Feedstock Solutions’ gravel bags and gravel-bag belts are made from the same material and to the same high-quality criteria as ClampNet – a 300g/m² heavy-duty mesh.

Gravel Bags

  • The bags measuring 120cm x 27cm with a drawstring tie are supplied in packs of 50.
  • The gravel bags should be filled to three-quarters full with about 15kg of pea gravel and placed around the edges of the clamp and across joins.

Gravel-bag belts

  • Measuring 50m long and supplied with cable ties, the gravel-bag belts can be filled with gravel bags and placed in areas where the bags alone tend to slip, for example, on slopes.
  • On opening the clamp, use the gravel-bag belt along the leading edge of the sheeting, at the clamp face, to prevent air entering under the opened sheeting.
  • The ClampNet and gravel-bag system reduces the amount of air getting into the silage by maintaining tension on the clamp sheeting, helping to prevent silage spoilage year after year.

Side Sheets

Side sheets must be used on the silage clamp to help create a seal around the forage – they are an essential part of the complete clamp management system.

Supplied in both black and clear polyethylene.

Heavy duty, high density, clear side sheets:

  • 150µm thickness
  • Available in 50m rolls, in widths of 4m, 5m, and 6m.

Black side sheets:

  • 120µm thickness
  • Available in 50m rolls, in widths of 6m and 8m.


Now, at last, there’s a cleaner, easier and altogether better way of weighting down silage sheets.

ClampTiles are made from 90% re-cycled material with a life expectancy of around 15 years. Unlike tyres, they don’t harbour rainwater and debris, they are easy to handle and when not in use can be stacked on pallets for compact and convenient storage.

Ergonomically designed for ease of handling, they butt together to form a total edge-to-edge protection, helping to minimise bird and rodent damage right across the silage clamp.



Made from stainless, spring steel, KlampClips are like an extra pair of hands when lining clamp walls with side sheets.

There is no such thing as a standard clamp wall or clamp size so our KlampClips are custom made to precisely fit your wall thickness and as such can be tensioned much more than off the shelf clips. KlampClips are available in packs of 25.