Why Use FarmGuard?

FarmGuard is a new, high performance silage film based on Europe’s latest 7-layer technology and offers a full package of powerful features. Due to its outstanding oxygen barrier capabilities, FarmGuard helps prevent the ingress of oxygen to the clamp, retaining silage quality over a long period of time.

The absence of oxygen from the clamp facilitates a fast, clean fermentation, avoiding silage losses and preserving the energy value of the feedstock in order to produce the maximum amount of biogas.

The 7 Layers

The seven layers of FarmGuard make a highly impermeable oxygen barrier with a high level of durability and resilience.

Farmguard Layers

  • LAYER 1: Black layer
  • LAYER 2: High tensile strength
  • LAYER 3: Good elasticity
  • LAYER 4: EVOH oxygen barrier
  • LAYER 5: Improved flexibility
  • LAYER 6: High rated tear resistance
  • LAYER 7: White layer – UV protection

Technical Data

Farmguard Technical Data

Environmental Benefits

Keeping to the green credentials of biogas production, FarmGuard’s modern manufacturing process, using resource-saving production techniques and its 100% recyclability, ensure it has top environmental credentials.

The Benefits of FarmGuard

  • A multi-layer vacuum system in a single sheet providing a durable and practical choice
  • Up to 100 times greater oxygen barrier than standard silage films
  • Preserves the energy value of the silage by reducing dry matter losses
  • Good elasticity
  • Sustainability – lower carbon footprint, 100% recyclable
  • Lightweight and easy to handle – no extra vacuum film needed
  • Strong and durable – high tensile strength and dart drop
  • High UV protection