What is Silage Safe

An innovative design, Silage Safe is a woven, mesh sheeting giving full surface closure, especially along the edges by using a unique tensioning system.

The woven sheets of Silage Safe are fitted with integral, connecting PVC pipes at the bottom. They are positioned between the pit wall and the side-sheeting prior to filling, forming an additional barrier along the clamp walls. Once the clamp has been filled and sheeted, Silage Safe is unrolled over it, the ends of each width overlapped and drawn together with tensioning straps, enveloping the forage completely. As the feedstock is used the straps can be released and individual widths of Silage Safe rolled back or removed. This prevents air ingress along the top surface of the silage.

When not in use it can be rolled up for ease of storage, taking up far less space – a lot easier to handle than tyres.

A mesh box for clean, secure storage of unneeded woven sheets is also available.

Step by Step Guide to Silage Safe

Step 1

Woven sheets are laid out with a 25 cm overlap on either side of silage pit.

Step 2

Side sheeting positioned over the Silage Safe

Step 3

After silage has been sheeted with O2 Barrier 2in1, Silage Safe woven sheets are pulled over pit.

Step 4

Silage Safe is then tensioned with belts and ratchets.

The Benefits of Silage Safe

  • Improved silage quality due to the full-surface tensioning, including along the edges
  • Labour-saving thanks to the fast and efficient tensioning technology, requiring little physical effort and time
  • Perforated pipes for rainwater drainage
  • Tensioning force maintained by drainage pipe in hemstitch
  • No sandbags or tyres required for ballasting
  • Protection of concrete pit walls (in conjunction with side sheets)
  • Reduction in dry matter loss
  • Ensilage in layers possible
  • Minimum projected service life of 10 years

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