Feedstock preservation at its best – the complete system for conserving dry matter.

Maximising performance and efficiency of energy crops begins at the clamp. Dry matter losses and a decreased energy value of ensiled feedstocks have a huge effect on lowering biogas production and, thereby, profits. With the average clamp in the UK losing 25% of its dry matter, making the right choices to preserve your feedstock’s potential is crucial.

Preservatives & Inoculants

Our unique silage additives will create the necessary conditions for a clean fermentation, along with excellent stability on opening, reducing dry matter losses. With a choice between a preservative or an inoculant, find out how they work to improve gas yields.

Preservatives & Inoculants

Consolidating the Clamp

Ensuring feedstock clamps are well compacted is essential to eradicate pockets of air, the breeding ground for aerobic bacteria, yeasts and moulds. The SilaPactor, with up to 40% more compaction compared to using a tractor, also speeds up the compaction process, saving both time and fuel.

The SilaPactor

Sealing the Clamp

O2 Barrier 2in1 is a revolution in clamp sealing for all forages. Lighter and more flexible than other sheeting, it moulds itself to the forage, significantly reducing oxygen ingress. With a convenient, one sheet application, it saves on time and manpower.

Clamp Sealing

Surface Tensioning Mesh Cover

To further protect the clamp this unique tensioning system, positioned over the top of the sheeting, provides a tight seal to the clamp, even for low filling levels. Rainwater can run off at the sides where it is removed by drainage pipes.

Silage Safe

Crimped Grain Preservation

Crimped grain will adda different dimension to your feedstock management, giving greater flexibility. Crimpsafe preserves the grain in the clamp, protecting it from spoilage by unwanted micro-organisms, resulting in a valuable, high energy feedstock.


Accessories for Clamp Protection

Forage preservation is not a single operation, it’s a fully integrated system. Completing only part of it will result in lost feedstock, leading to decreased biogas yields – culminating in reduced profits. AD Feedstock Solutions offers the full range of accessories to give the complete forage preservation package.

Clamp Protection

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